106 Scenic Dr. Suite A. Lackawaxen PA. 18435 

Phone: (570) 685-2010    Fax: (570) 685-1630

Lackawaxen Pa.   "Family Fun"   Eagle Town U.S.A.  

Angler's Roost in Lackawaxen is proud to be a certified Cortland Pro Shop, but its uniqueness lies in the personalities and experiences of its co-owners, Charley and Dimitri Zaimes, both whom  willingly share with others the knowledge and techniques they've absorbed from two lifetimes of fishing in both salt and fresh water.

Charley is a world-class angler, holding two International Game Fish Assn. records, one for a 21-lb. 3 oz. bluefish and the other for a 9-plus weakfish caught on a fly rod. Dimitri has wet a line in most of the United States, as well as Canada, Mexico, the South Pacific and most of the streams in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Charley also gives free fly casting lessons.

Fishermen who come to Angler's Roost in Lackawaxen are guaranteed the "Red Carpet" treatment, from their stepping on the bright red carpeting inside the front and back doors to sitting at the coffee table while one or the other of the owners chats with them, answering questions about rod weights, line tests, hook sizes, best time of day to fish, and a million and one other queries which emanate from the average angler.

The shop is well stocked with rods, reels, bait, lures, lines, nets, sand spikes, minnows, minnow buckets, worm boxes, stringers, hooks, at least 120 fly patterns, deer hair bugs and anything else you can think of that relates to fishing.

Located at the confluence of the Lackawaxen and Delaware Rivers and within easy driving distance of several lakes, Angler's Roost is ideally sited for fishermen visiting Northeastern Pennsylvania. Many of our visitors who don't own boats will rent a canoe or raft to explore either of our two rivers or one of the nearby lakes.

To make reservations or just to find out about current conditions, call (570) 685-2010 or fax (570) 685-1630.